This blog is me.  It is about me.  It is my search to understand me and how my environment, events, people, my experiences, and my beliefs affect me personally, behaviorally and emotionally.  Past, present and future.  These are deep, insightful and painful meanderings. It will be many discoveries.

They are discoveries only – identification.  Discoveries to understand and gain clarity.  These discoveries are not to find blame or to find people to point the finger at.

I am an engineer.  I was trained to dissect and breakdown problems to their fundamental core and create solutions to solve THE problem.  Not the symptom.

That is what I am doing. That is my journey with this blog.  I am breaking down my experiences and struggles to the core and discover the problem to solve.  I am tired of fixing the symptoms.  The problem remains.

If you are reading this and you find yourself reacting because you believe, believe, I am blaming you or signalling you out – you have two (2) options:

  1. Stop reading and click away, because you are missing the point, or
  2. Catch your “I am being attacked” thought, check it, and continue reading with an open mind.

I am not blaming you or attacking you.  I have identified the cause of my current struggle, and I have gained clarity on my problem to solve.  My past could be blamed on people or events.  That was then.  This is now, and I am over that period of time.  I am responsible right now for me and how I move forward.  I am not going to blame others for wallowing in my sorrows and “justify” not being accountable and not move on.  My goal is growth to move on with those I love.

To gain clarity, I need to dissect and find the core of the problem.  This will happen by recounting specific past events and experiences.  By gaining clarity, I can create solutions that will solve the problem and grow.

This is not about you; this is not about blaming or attacking you.  This is about me solving my problems.  Therefore, I will not accept comments or attacks on me for sharing my experiences that may potentially relate to you.  This is not about you.

I understand, if you can’t or choose not to read.  I ask that you do and keep an open mind when reading.

Hey, you never know, I might make sense from time to time.