Mindfulness was introduced to me after my ADHD diagnosis.  During my research, I discovered ww.mindfulnessexercises.com. Mindfulness is an essential facet of therapy for ADHD and emotion dysregulation.  I purchased their set of Mindfulness Exercise Worksheets.  I have been working on the worksheets on and off for a few months with surprising results and realizations.  Even though the ADHD sense of time is NOW and NOT NOW, we struggle to be PRESENT.

I came by the “Creating a Personal Intention Statement” worksheet, available here.  The worksheet focuses on you creating a Personal Intention Statement related to one (1) of eight (8) Life Areas; Physical Health, Emotional Health, Parenting, Marriage/Relationships, Friendships, Financial, Daily Joy, and Career.

Personal intention statements do not include goals. They are considered a broader statement that relates to the values you want to bring to the different areas of your life.  Goals are to be determined later based on these statements.

Each statement starts with, “My intention is to….”  What is intriguing is the term “intention” rather than “mission.” The word “intention” helps shift my mindset to create these statements.  Creating “intention” statements was a lot easier than creating “mission statements.”  My intentions were direct and applicable to me.  Most importantly, these statements are more powerful and actionable.

One of the steps asked me to consider sharing my Personal Intention Statements with those I trust.  Maybe they have their own Personal Intention Statements.  I decided to create a statement for all the Areas of Life except for the Financial.  I decided to post them here and share them with you.

Physical Health
My intention is to find physical health peace and calmness each day.  I will be attentive and make time to find harmony with my body and brain to control my diabetes.

Emotional Health
My intention is to be honest and attentive to my emotional health.  I will strive to find expressive ways of self-discovery.  I will strive to find respect, self-compassion, kindness and self-acceptance for myself.  This will benefit me, my family and friends.

My intention is to regain the trust of my daughters and my wife as a loving and nurturing father.  I will work on myself to ensure I live and act as a fair, caring, nurturing and encouraging parent teaching the values that are important to my wife and me.

My intention is to restore our loving, cooperative and joyful relationship by being king to each other again.  We will establish our trust and loyalty by deepening our understanding and appreciation of each other.

My intention is to restore old friendships and be grateful for their influences.  I bring humour to these friendships, and I need them as much as they need me.

Daily Joy
My intention is to find humour in everyday bullshit to maintain the humility to be in a good mood and share my company.  I will discover the willingness to accept things as they are.

My intention is to reignite my curiosity and service to my entrepreneurial pursuits and team.  I will be supportive of my team and my clients and return to the never-ending persistence of growth and discovery.

What do you think your intention statements might be?  Do you believe intentions are easier to write than missions?  Intentions are actionable and simple.  Missions complicate how to find our intentions and action.