As usual, I had another great deep and intellectual discussion with Nicole S. She is an advisor by trade to challenge my thinking and how I perceive things.  In reality, she is a good friend.  Our discussion was based on identifying, validating, and working with our and other people’s strengths.  A passion of ours.  At one point, she said, “I don’t want to sound like a corny 80’s commercial, but knowledge is power.”

I didn’t agree with her statement for two reasons:
     1) She was born in the ’90s and must have seen 80’s commercials on YouTube, and
     2) Everyone has knowledge, but they do not use it or apply it.

I responded that awareness is power. Let the countering being!  Nicole immediately countered, and we bantered for a bit.  Then I said, “I can’t prove it right now, but it feels right.  I will follow up.”

Everyone is knowledgeable, and everyone has knowledge.  With my experiences and worldly observations, I see successful and intelligent people use their knowledge and apply it towards growth.

Many will use enough knowledge to stay where they are or use it to justify not growing.

You don’t have to use knowledge.  Knowledge is a collection of facts based on experiences and learning.  It is only an understanding of facts, and no action is required.

To be aware, you need to be conscious and apply your knowledge and understand why something is happening and act.  You must be well informed. Awareness requires a conscious effort to apply the knowledge and understand the why’s and how’s.

Knowledge is based on the facts of past events. Something has already happened. We are reviewing the facts and the details and hope to hell a strategy is developed. Awareness is a present conscious use of knowledge. It is applied and used before the event.  That is power.  The power is being aware in advance to prevent, to help, and to grow.

For example, I had a day that was 400 plus kilometres of driving, with a very focused big decision meeting with Nicole, a chaotic site visit, a dozen frantic calls from clients while I am in a meeting with my client. It was a fun and challenging day. I was exhausted, and my mental energy was drained, I was physically and mentally tired.

I met up with my girls for the Annual 4H Awards Dinner that night. I could have gone home, but I didn’t. I wanted to be at the event with my girls.

Before I went into the hall, I decided to do a quick meditation to calm my overstimulated and overstressed ADHD brain. I knew what may happen if I didn’t calm my mind before going into a loud and crowded hall when I am drained, tired and not calm.

I meditated, I found calm, and we had a great night together.

THAT decision to take 15 minutes and meditate was awareness.  Not knowledge.  Based on my knowledge, in the present moment, I applied that knowledge to prevent an ‘incident.’ I prevented something, I knew what could have happened, and it would have ruined our nights.

By understanding what could or may have happened, I was aware and took action to prevent.  With my diagnosis of diabetes and ADHD, I have gained a great deal of knowledge.  Yet, it is the awareness of it all is why I am succeeding. I am catching things before they happen because I am aware.  Not reviewing my knowledge after something has happened.

Awareness requires thought AND action.  We all have knowledge, not everyone has awareness.

That is why awareness is true power, not knowledge.